Tony Bourdain and Me …in Buffalo! Segment to air in July on Travel Channel

We’ll be organizing a premiere party… details to follow.
JULY 27, set your DVR to record!

This story was in the Buffalo News earlier today

Bourdain’s Buffalo segment to air in July on Travel Channel

By Alan Pergament

Travel Channel host Anthony Bourdain’s visit to Western New York to sample the culinary delights here now has an air date.
According to the July programming highlights released by the cable network Friday, Buffalo will be included in a July 27 program that also includes stops in Baltimore and Detroit.

Here’s how the network summarizes the episode of Bourdain’s Emmy-nominated series, “No Reservations”: “During the dreary and bleak days of winter, Tony visits Baltimore, Detroit and Buffalo. With his always adventurous sidekick Zamir, Tony samples crab cakes in Baltimore, has a crash-course in Detroit’s pastime, Featherbowling, and meets up with FANatic Nelson Starr to try Buffalo’s signature dish, the beef on weck. Through his travels, Tony learns that these iconic cities have more to offer than just their factories and unique atmospheres. These three cities also hold great people, interesting cultures and amazing food.”

Starr is a local musician who, with filmmaker John Paget, created a three-minute video for a Travel Channel contest in which the prize was a Bourdain visit to the city of the winning entry. Starr was a finalist, which led Bourdain to promise he would eventually come here.

Bourdain, who made good on his promise and reportedly visited Ulrich’s Tavern when he was here, was quoted in January as saying he likes Buffalo.

“Now I see it as a very distinct personality, a very distinct culture with its own architecture, it’s own kinda feel,” he said. “It’s actually a weirdly wonderful place. Even in winter. I think it took me traveling the world to get to that point.”
The fifth season premiere of “No Reservations” is set in Chile and airs at 10 p. m. July 13. The Buffalo episode appears two weeks later.

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