All Access Pass in the Buffalo News: UPDATED!!!!

Local musician still wooing celebrity chef

By Toni Ruberto

Nelson Starr is used to having an all-access pass that allows him to go backstage at rock concerts. Now the Buffalo musician is offering others an all-access pass that goes behind the scenes of area restaurants for “a fresh take on Buffalo food and dining” in a new online series.

The series is a spin-off of Starr’s bid to bring the Travel Channel series “Anthony Bourdain — No Reservations” to Buffalo through a contest sponsored by the network. In it, Starr and filmmaker John Paget created a three-minute video touting the culinary delights of Buffalo in the hopes that Bourdain would come to Western New York with his show.

Starr ended up as the runner- up in the contest. Bourdain, however, did promise to come here eventually, and though it hasn’t been confirmed by the network, many sources are reporting that a “special guest” who has a television show is scheduled to appear, camera crew in tow, at a Starr concert being held at 7 p. m. Sunday in Nietzsche’s, 248 Allen St.

Meanwhile, “All Access Pass with Nelson Starr” premieres Friday at “I’ve developed a fascination and appreciation for great food,” says Starr, a composer, musician and author who is a member of the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame. “I think there’s some great food here in Buffalo and the Western New York area.

“We want to do a food show that rocks. Instead of your usual food reviews, which are great, we wanted to do something a little more edgy and fun.”

For the contest, Starr and Paget included Anchor Bar wings, an Ulrichs fish fry and Ted’s charbroiled hot dogs.

“Getting on the Travel Channel was inspiring,” Starr says. “We’ve had so many people ask us to do our own show and we decided we had a pretty good team to do that.” In the first episode, Starr visits Bistro Europa, followed by a trip to Oliver’s. Starr has composed music for the series and said there will also be performances on the show, such as one with the George Jones Trio from Oliver’s.

After the contest ended, Bourdain wrote on his official blog that he would visit Buffalo. “We will, on some snowy winter day, shoot at least part of a show in Buffalo,” he wrote. “And Nelson Starr shall surely be our guide.”


The media has been trying every which way to break this story – which is their job. BUT, FOR THE RECORD, I NEITHER CONFIRM NOR DENY that Anthony Bourdain and his show are coming at any specific time to Buffalo. I’ve been telling press people for days now that these rumors are not necessarily true – and may be…just rumors!?

But, the press being the press, is running with it as some sort of near fact. Well, not according to me!! We’ll just have to see what transpires here. His blog is not very specific, now is it!!??

But DO come to Nietsche’s for my performance because…you want to hear some cool music. And, this Friday, you gotta go to to see our new show!! Those items I can confirm!!

Nelson “my lips are sealed” Starr

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